New “smart” pumps combine variable drive technology, onboard digital intelligence, and permanent magnet motors (like those used in hybrid cars) to reduce pump-related energy costs by up to 30% and more.

Sealed motor design (TEFC or totally enclosed fan cooled) keeps the elements out, greatly increasing the life span of your motor.

Want to know more about the new variable speed “smart” pumps? For more information click here.
Zodiac VS Flo Pro 20


Hybrid DE Cartridge filtration provides sparkling water, with easy cleaning features usually only found in a cartridge filter. Rinsing vs. backwashing cartridges saves on water use as well.

Zodiac DEV60 DE Filter

Quad DE Filter e-comm


High-performance heaters offer energy efficiency, faster heating performance, and are certified for low NOx emissions.

High-performance Heater

Pentair’s MasterTemp Heater

Zodiac's Legacy Heater

Zodiac’s Legacy Heater


Automated controls help offset rising utility costs by synchronizing equipment scheduling. This can make it easier to take advantage of off-peak or seasonal utility rates.

Handheld remotes allow you to control your pool from multiple locations


Pentair’s Easy Touch controller allows you to take advantage of favorable utility rates

Zodiac Automatic Controller One Touch

Zodiac’s One Touch Automatic Controller provides opportunity for flexible system programming


Suction-side cleaners are a great way to keep your pool clean – automatically!

Pentair’s Kreepy Krauly is one of the most popular suction cleaners on the market

Zodiac's MX8 suction cleaner will keep your pool spic and span

Zodiac’s MX8 suction cleaner will keep your pool spic and span